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Driving innovation with information, DocuPhase is a complete browser-based platform that includes four components: Document Management, Web Forms, Process Workflow Automation, and Data Capture that deliver unmatched efficiency and unparalleled performance to companies around the world.

Your Transformation

Your business process is perfectly tuned to achieve the exact result you are getting. If a different result is desired, you must engage your business, change the way work gets done and ensure that it is being done the way you want.

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Your Business Process Automation Solution

iDatix Process Improvement plus the iSynergy Software Suite equals the solution for your business process challenges.

Objective Results: Lockheed Martin

By leveraging iDatix’s process improvement service and iSynergy Software suite, Lockheed Martin was able to transform their procurement department and increase productivity by 96%.

Reduction in Processing Time
Reduction in Cycle Time
Increase in Productivity

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