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Success Story: Operation PAR

Processing Requisitions & Approvals was Paper-Dependent & Time-Consuming

Operation PAR, a mental health and treatment center in West Central Florida, partnered with iDatix to improve their accounting processes.

Previously, their method for processing requisitions was to use inter-office mail, email correspondence for approvals and a filing system in accounting that struggled to maintain good structure given the weekly volume.

After implementation, iDatix:

  • Improved request turn-around times for mission critical supplies by 50%
  • Dramatically reduced inter-office mail delays and cost by 50%
  • Provided accounting with a needed workflow model for queuing and processing requests
  • Synchronized PAR’s accounting system data to the purchase orders, invoices and checks that completed the process, resulting in a 25% improvement in overall search and retrieval capabilities

Technology & Services for Process Transformation

Improve your accounting operations with the iDatix solution

Improve invoice processing by automatically validating the accuracy of invoices, getting quick approval for expenses and taking measures to eliminate double payment occurrences

Improve Accounts Receivable by simplifying and automating the complex process of matching payments to invoices and ensuring the receipt of all outstanding payments

Transform expense reporting by coordinating paperwork required to properly control expenditures and simplifying the process for receipt, review and validation of all expenses

Gain greater transparency of cash flow procedures to perfect process management and discover areas for improvement to get greater control over delinquent accounts

Accurately forecast pro forma revenues and expenses and collaborate seamlessly with all departments, managers and executives to improve decision making and budget planning

Integrate with your SAP, Lawson, PeopleSoft, all of your existing financial applications to improve three way matching to streamline the invoice verification process

iDatix provided us with the professional confidence and expertise we needed to revamp our Requisition Process, without sacrificing valuable resources to get the job done. They delivered exactly what they promised and left us with a solid plan to move forward on our own.

Jim Miller, CIO
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative

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