AP Automation

Improve auditability and efficiency by automating your AP process

Many accounting departments feel pain as a result of their manual accounts payable (AP) process, and most feel there is no time to do anything about it. AP departments require an incredibly high level of information exchange and it must occur without error. Automation can transform an AP process to remove the guess work, and provide information when and where it is needed flawlessly.


Learn How Workflow Automation Can Fix Your Accounting Department


Fast ROI

We know accounting departments understand money better than anyone. The average cost to process an invoice can be $22.75 and take as long as 16.3 days. Our customers have seen this cost and time reduce exponentially – $3.34/invoice, processed in an average of 6.1 days – with the solution paying for itself often inside of a month.

Audit Security

By automating the AP process, enforcement becomes inherent to the work being done. Rid your department of duplicate payments and improper routing and remain agile enough for managed exceptions. All of the work done and the process itself is constantly recorded, providing visibility and transparency during audits and reviews.

On Time, Every Time

Only 16% of companies take advantage of early pay discounts – why? Scrambling for proper approvals and purchase orders can be time-consuming. With automation, you have visibility into when payment is due, if discounts apply, and you can start the process immediately. How much would a bad vendor relationship cost you, long term?

AP Automation in Action

Check out this webinar detailing the benefits of an AP Automation solution

In this presentation, you'll learn about streamlining the AP process, information management, the cost of inefficient paper processes, and basic workflow automation. Gain valuable information, and we'll even give you the slides to review at your leisure if you don't have time to watch the whole video.


Invoice Routing

The iDatix AP Automation solution automatically routes invoices from one user to the next to ensure that no steps are ever missed. Bottlenecks can be avoided by managing the drag-and-drop workflow and out-of-office situations can even be worked in as common exceptions.

Audit Trail

While the documents and processes are always providing visibility in a software solution, analytics and even simple document version control can provide crucial visibility when records are being scoured by an auditor. Not only will you know what happened, but how and when it happened, too.

2 Week Install

Still think you won’t have time for an upgrade? The average iDatix AP Automation installation can occur in as little as two weeks! Get the solution you need in place and then get back to work – we pride ourselves on a painless professional services experience and deliver constantly on that promise.

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