Document Management

Go paperless and increase efficiency with document management software

Learn how your business will benefit from the iSynergy Document Management software - make all documents and information in your organization available at the fingertips of the employees who need it, at the exact moment they need it, and watch as an efficiency initiative becomes revenue growth and bottom line improvement.


Discover How Document Management Can Simplify and Grow Your Business


Records Management

Keep files and folders from becoming the majority of the square footage in your office. iSynergy Document Management software brings fluid features to a standardized industry such as full-text search, automated document routing, and powerful auto-indexing. These features reduce the time it takes to manage and update records manually, while keeping records secure through cutting-edge encryption.

Dynamic Linking

iSynergy Document Management software links dynamically to existing line-of-business software and common applications, meaning that documents and records are updated once, and pushed to other databases and systems. No more duplicate work and double-entry to keep disparate systems up to date. Integrations exist for SAP, SharePoint, and other common programs, and can be quickly designed to reference 99% of other software.

Lite Workflow

A “Lite” version of our powerful iSynergy Workflow Automation software comes with all implementations of our Document Management software solution. This allows for simple document routing and workflows based around document receipt or completion, adjust through the simple drag-and-drop interface of our workflow tool. Only pre-determined users are able to access and edit workflows through granted permissions.

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank: Enterprise Scalability

Improved Information Management Across the Enterprise with Room to Grow

Learn how AgFirst Farm Credit Bank was able to manage 26 offices with staff in remote locations more efficiently with the iSynergy Document Management and Workflow Automation software. Securely transferring files and disaster recovery are no longer a concern and the greatest benefit is the availability of documents to our external auditors.


Scalable Solution

Businesses are always bracing for the next major growth effort. With an agile document management system, you are ready to scale with additional overhead. The system can take the workload of the influx of new work, and the employees can continue adding value where it matters most – the customer.

Access to Information

There are many benefits to having all of the tribal information in your business simplified, translated, and made available to every employee who needs it. Time spent searching for, recreating, and moving documents could be spent on something that increase’s the volume of actual value added work being done.

Process Control

Watch and measure your business processes in real time. As you discover bottlenecks, flaws, or other aspects that need to be addressed, you have the ability to change the process without calling IT. Let’s be reasonable – people will find ways to get business done unless you only give them one way to do it.

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