Process Improvement in Mortgage Banking

Implement Rules-Based Compliance

Share Information & Improve Collaboration

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Success Story: Netbank

Reducing their costs & improving customer satisfaction

Instead of using traditional manual processing for the 25 million plus mortgage documents by hand, we helped Netbank implement the process improvement techniques and technology to meet their previous years increased loan/refinance volumes without additional staffing.

    We also enabled them to:

  • Decrease processing & operations costs by $3.6 million
  • Quickly deliver loan package information to investors
  • Gain greater control over expenses in lower volume market conditions
  • Achieve an ROI of over 290%

Mortgage Banking Process Improvement

Transformation through Automation

Improve your mortgage banking operations with the iDatix solution

Improve the flow of real-time information among loan officers, underwriters, and customers

Automate every step of the loan process from origination to final disposition to ensure data integrity and compliance

Protect and maintain the integrity of information by providing control down to the document and process level

Optimize workflow and automate underwriting, funding, servicing, and customer support

Eliminate unnecessary manual processes and time-consuming searches

Easily integrate document management and process automation with other mortgage application software

The time that we save in locating documents is a big payback. The other big savings is with our audits. We can give our auditors access, eliminating the need to come onsite, saving us a ton of money in travel fees.

Doug Mackle, IT Director
Farm Credit of North Florida

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