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Workflow Automation

Streamline and automate your core business workflows

What is Workflow Automation?

Chances are you are currently experiencing the symptoms of process problems: missed deadlines, inadequate information to make vital business decisions, unnecessary expenditures, lost documents, duplication of efforts… and the list goes on.

Workflow automation eliminates these problems by bringing together your people, processes and information. The knowledge and expertise of your workforce is built into the automated processes, providing everyone in the organization with the know-how needed to do their job quickly and effectively. The resulting process visibility and business intelligence allows for better-informed decisions and the ability to rapidly resolve issues. Your organization is empowered with an effective, cloud-based solution that drives your day-to-day business activities. Suddenly, you don’t have any process problems anymore.

This is the power of workflow automation software, which allows you to integrate, design, execute, manage and ultimately transform your business into a more efficient, accountable and profitable organization easier than any solution on the market.


You need information to make critical business decisions on a daily basis; whether it’s a number in your accounting software, information from a word document, or the content from a public form, Workflow Automation makes your data and content accessible and actionable.
  • Make data and content accessible and actionable from any software application
  • House unstructured content by integrating process automation with document management
  • Use electronic forms to streamline paper based processes
  • Connect core systems and make data a dynamic part of your business process

Integrating Document Management with any application

Design powerful workflows with Progression from iDatix


Build complex workflows with a simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Design and manage your processes without scripting, coding or programming
  • Standardize your processes to create consistent workflows that improve accuracy and reduce time to completion
  • With role based routing, work is prioritized and can move forward as quickly as possible without the bottlenecks associated with specific, named routing


Maximize the value of your most expensive resource: your people. 
  • Eliminate unnecessary wait times by allowing tasks and projects to be completed simultaneously, instead of forcing a step by step order
  • Automatic notifications ensure that no work slips through the cracks; users are alerted when a new task has entered their queue, or if an approval has not been completed in a specific amount of time

Mobile workflow with Progression from iDatix


Gain real-time visibility into the processes driving your organization to quickly identify opportunities and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Manage the unexpected by redirecting work when necessary with advanced exception handling; allow straight-through automation when applicable and the human touch when necessary
  • Enable real-time notifications and receive alerts immediately of any current or upcoming changes that could affect your business operations
  • The easy to use interface allows business managers to adjust workflows on the fly using simple, drag-and-drop tools.

Easily optimize workflow operations

Intuitive  workflow dashboards


Empower your organization to achieve continual improvement with workflow automation.
  • Gain visibility into where your company could reduce waste and analyze the areas where your organization could be dramatically transformed
  • Advanced business intelligence tools allow for continual improvement. View historical trends, gain current insight and improve business forecasting with intelligent analytics and reports
  • Continue to refine and improve your processes over time for optimal business performance.