Workflow Automation

Automation software to control your business processes behind-the-scenes

Your business has invested a lot of time and resources into operating in such a way that makes the company successful. Unfortunately, people will figure out ways to get work done that work for them and don’t necessarily benefit the business process. With iSynergy Workflow Automation, the best way to get work done is determined and controls are put in place so that this is the only way work can get done.


Unlock the Potential of Your Business with Workflow Automation


Business Process Designer

iSynergy Workflow Automation software has a native drag and drop business process designer that allows you to define how work is done. When the design is complete, you finalize and a set of web browser applications are deployed which control how the work actually gets done.

Task Routing

Since it has been pre-determined how work gets done, iSynergy Workflow Automation knows how to assign work downstream and tasks will not be assigned until all of the information needed is available and once it is, a task will be presented to the right person in the business process.

Intuitive Work Queue

Each worker in the business process is presented with the iSynergy work queue which will prioritize work depending on criticality. Quick searches are available and management has a direct summary and detailed view into how work is getting done and where bottlenecks are occurring.

Lockheed Martin: Procurement

Eliminate Gaps in Your Your Business Process with Workflow Automation

Lockheed Martin had to close a significant communication gap between contracts and procurement when they engaged iDatix. “Completing the circle” would allow them to enforce pricing in their long term vendor agreement. By leveraging workflow automation and improving their business process, buyers can now make informed purchases and take advantage of volume discounts.



By controlling the way work gets done, you can begin to measure how effective your business operation strategy is. When change is needed, your business team can now adjust your business process to address the threats and opportunities in your marketplace.


Welcome change in the marketplace and convert it from a threat to a competitive advantage. In minutes you can change the way your organization is getting work done without any additional training or dependency on internal IT.


Now that you have control of your business process, rest assured knowing that risk has been reduced and your ability to remain compliant and withstand an audit are now greatly improved due to the visibility and transparency gained.

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